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Generation, daily reflection April 11

Generation: because the act of writing about my alcoholism turns out to be the act of writing about my father’s alcoholism, and recovery from my addiction is actually a recovery from his. They say that.  That alcoholism is a family disease.  Give or take genetic tendencies, we are who we are because we are what […]


I did not want to apologize to my father.  I do not like my father.  Still, I am vaguely aware that coming to terms with my relationship with him  has something to do with sobriety.  With happiness or forgiveness or god.  But if I ever have to use a word like hate, my father is […]

How it works, daily reflection

I don’t even know how a telephone works.  How your voice reached all the way from Alexandria, broke into shards and vibrations across satellites and radio and air – thin air – and comes back to me, returned and transformed. I don’t understand the patience that takes. Or anything about space time.  Only that it […]