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90 days, april 10

Looking back, I think I’d begun the process of the fourth step from the first few days.  Like my life was all contained in a one big box, and I took it in my hands, flipped it over so everything fell on the floor, and said here’s nothing.  What dust is kicked up.  What shattering […]

Abstract, April 6

My sister stands at the counter, chopping carrots.  The light comes from a window behind me, blinding me to much more than her form and the denseness of her body in the looser air around her, the sound of the knife on the cutting board.  Her daughter runs around her legs, out of the kitchen […]

Grace Notes, daily reflection March 20

See how the fearful chandelier Trembles above you Each time you open your mouth to sing.  Sing. -Donald Justice When I was in junior highschool, I’d stopped believing in God but still belonged, nominally, to the church.  I was going to be confirmed in the Lutheran faith, at the same altar where I had been […]

I’ve come to believe, daily reflection february 23

I held a sleeping girl in my arms today.  The girl is my niece.  She was born the day I had six months sober.  We are linked.  There is the blood relation.  But I mean something else.  I mean our entire relationship is based on my recovery.  She is my world, and she is only […]