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90 days, april 10

Looking back, I think I’d begun the process of the fourth step from the first few days.  Like my life was all contained in a one big box, and I took it in my hands, flipped it over so everything fell on the floor, and said here’s nothing.  What dust is kicked up.  What shattering […]

EBOOK -30 Days, life in early sobriety

The ebook is finally up and ready, available on Kindle and all other platforms. Please read, spread the word, write me a pretty review.  Buy me breakfast.  All proceeds go directly to food and a real laptop, so I don’t have to write from the library any longer.  Thank you thank you!

Metamorphosis. Emotions and early sobriety.

The changes that come with recovery are both personal, as in emotional or psychological, and physical.  We know now that we are both physical and psychological beings; the two ‘separate’ parts of ourselves may influence one another, overlap, converse.  Know that and you can use it: if you are physically uncomfortable, use your thoughts and […]

Counting days: what to do in early sobriety

It is important that you spend serious time centering your world on your recovery for the time being.  This feels offensive, too overwhelming, or silly to some people.  The point of recovering, as they see it, is that alcohol and drugs won’t be part of their life any longer, not making a bigger deal out […]