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90 days, april 10

Looking back, I think I’d begun the process of the fourth step from the first few days.  Like my life was all contained in a one big box, and I took it in my hands, flipped it over so everything fell on the floor, and said here’s nothing.  What dust is kicked up.  What shattering […]

Robins from other places, daily reflection March 18

The most important things are all things I don’t have words for.  The way robins appear one morning, where there were no robins the night before, and what this does to a human throat.  The way a redwing blackbird calls, kind of like a pipe of blown glass, clipped, hitting a high and then a […]

On Loving, daily reflection February 25

I have hurt someone I love.  I’m not even terribly sure what it was I said.  I’m fairly certain I was being sarcastic, a brutal little pride bone that hijacks my best intentions.  It has something to do with my writing, and our differing beliefs on god and recovery.  If I am going to speak […]

I’ve come to believe, daily reflection february 23

I held a sleeping girl in my arms today.  The girl is my niece.  She was born the day I had six months sober.  We are linked.  There is the blood relation.  But I mean something else.  I mean our entire relationship is based on my recovery.  She is my world, and she is only […]