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On Bikram Yoga

Yoga saved my life.  I don’t want to get evangelical about it, but I know dozens of other people who have said the same thing.  It isn’t a physical workout, a tradition going back 5000 years, or an alternative to religion.  Of course, it is all of those things.  I don’t understand what yoga is, only that it meets you exactly where you are, and doesn’t leave you where it found you.

Yoga changes things.  It changed me physically, emotionally, and in my gut.  If you want yoga to help you with stress, it will do that.  If you want it to heal your injuries, it will do that too.  Yes it will help you lose weight and gain confidence and accomplish goals.  You can begin anywhere, everything is a doorway in: some people come to yoga for health, some for spirituality, some to deal with stress.  Once you begin, though, you get more than what you came in for.  Yoga is also a system of ethics, a way of making decisions, the ability to show up when you say you will.

Yoga has exploded in our culture and will continue to do so.  Yoga and Meditation focus on the practice, philosophy, and study of yoga.  The Bhakti (devotion) diaries will be a compilation of meditations, an important part of my practice at this point.  I hope the essays will be a window or pathway into your own practice, whether you are familiar with yoga or (like me) think the whole things a little new-agey and weird.