You could be in an abusive relationship if…

-You worry about your partner’s moods and change your behavior to deal with them

-You often feel confused after a disagreement

-You feel you are walking on eggshells

-Your partner seems like two different people

-You are afraid of your partner’s temper

-You limit or refrain from seeing family or friends to avoid your partner’s jealousy or anger

-You partner wants to control where you go and what you do

-Your partner frequently ‘checks’ on you

-Your partner accuses you of affairs, flirtation, or interest in others

-Your partner wants control of your money, wants you to need money from him, or keeps you in the dark about finances

-Your partner ridicules, puts down or humiliates you

-You find yourself doing what he wants or expects to avoid trouble

-Your partner blames you for problems in the relationship

-Your partner says it’s your fault you’re in pain (you’re overreacting, too sensitive, exaggerating, you’re “messed up”)

-Your partner says it’s your fault he’s in pain (you don’t love him enough, do XYZ, understand ABC)

-He screams at you, shoves, hits, kicks, burns, punches, or restrains you

-He threatens you with a weapon

-He claims he can’t handle himself because of alcohol, drugs, an abusive childhood, a mood disorder, or because you made him so angry

-He forces you to have sex, hurts you during sex, forces you to do sexual things against your will

-He raises his voice, uses body language, blocks your way, won’t let you leave a room or a vehicle, slams doors or tables in intimidating ways

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