15 Minutes to find your life’s purpose

Maybe each of us has a particular thing we’ve been sent here to do.  That seems a bit too God’s-Master-Plan for me, but I do know we all have something in us that we want.  Something unique; if we don’t manifest it, it will die to the cosmos.  No one will ever know.

I don’t think very many of us know what it is we want to do. We’ve been taught that dreams are unrealistic, or that we’re not creative enough, or that it would take too long. We compromise and settle.  But we’re still prone to the nagging feeling. The nagging whines and itches and insists that something is wrong; it wants more.

Living for a mission, having a purpose, knowing what it is you want to accomplish makes life better.  Point blank truth.

But most of us either don’t know what we’re living for or couldn’t explain it.  It’s time to right that.

Get yourself paper and pens.  Across the top of your first sheet of paper – and you will need many, don’t sit down with a single post it – scrawl in BIG Important Letters something to the effect of “MY PURPOSE IN LIFE”.  I was born to…Before I die I want to…The reason I’m alive is…you get the point.

Now, write.

Keep writing.  It usually takes us a while to warm up, to stop writing about the things we ‘should do’, or rockstar dreams belonging to somebody else.  Break past the feeling you have nothing to write.  It doesn’t matter what you write, just keep writing.  Say “I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know” for three pages if you have to.  At some point you might write “I don’t know, but I do like making my granddaughter laugh.”  or “I want to see the Pyramids” or “I need to find a woman who loves me”.  Go with that.  Write more.  Don’t worry about making sentences or spelling or anything, just brain storm through.

After you have written for a while, you’ll come to something that seems close.  Start fine tuning it.  The words may become more intense, or you might get specific.  Flip the words, get more precise.  Keep writing.  Keep writing.  Where do you want this?  How will this make you feel?  For whom do you want to do this?  Why?

Write and write and write.  Write until you’ve written something that makes you cry.  This is the reason you were born.  Go with that.

I’m not being facetious.  If you let your thoughts go, you will articulate what it is you want to do.  You’ll cut past your resistances.  You’ll strike a chord or two.  And then, out of nowhere, you’ll find yourself choking up.  That’s how you know you’ve got it.

It may take more than fifteen minutes.  I’ve done this, and I’ve asked friends to do it, and we usually hit the tear point at 12-17 minutes.  If it takes longer, it may be that you have more resistance, have more fear, or have internalized more ‘shoulds’ from outside sources.  Cut through.

Here’s a caveat: what makes you cry today might not make you cry in a year.  This isn’t stellar psychology, and I’m no fortune teller.  What you come up with today might need fine tuning, or you may follow it and realize it’s not what you want at all.  That’s okay.  Whatever you come up with is true for you today; you need to know what’s true today before you can accomplish it or change your mind.

This is serious stuff.  If you hit your bone truth and dedicate yourself to it, you infuse every day with its fuel.  No obstacle will matter and there will be nothing that will truly stand in your way.  Not for long.  If you aren’t truly committed to a cause, or if it doesn’t speak your own purpose but someone else’s, no amount of dedication or will power on your part will make the nagging feeling go away.  We must care about what we are doing, we must know why we are doing the things we do and not something else.  It burns the dross away.

In your future life, if that nagging or disillusion sneaks back in, pull out more paper.  Write again.  It’ll work.

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