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hello. Everyone.

I’m never here anymore.  This blog, I mean.  I am well: still sober, still writing, very happy.  As far as human beings go. I came, today, looking for a sentence I remembered writing.  I have not found it.  I don’t know if I wrote it, after all, or if that is simply a dream I […]

Foolishness (Concupiscence)

He was married.  I slept with him for seven years.  I am sorry for this, and I am grateful. Love is foolish.  Nar, nar. But tell me honestly our entire being is not some exercise in the ludicrous and patently unsane.  Then I will take rationality seriously.  Until then I consider it as delicate as […]

Devil Theory

There is the body of a deer, halved and gored, laying in the center of the highway.  A few hours later, the body is gone.  The blood is still there.  It seems such a big stain.  Crows descend. I decide this is a variety of angel. Such authority of decay.  And yet, as Tennesee Williams […]

9th, September 8

Cormac McCarthy said the heart’s desire is to be told some mystery. I say, to tell one.  In the end, it’s the same thing.  A moment of being more terribly alive.  A moment when our secrets are suddenly outside: big as mountain and tall as cloud. There is no pain like a story in us, […]