hello. Everyone.

I’m never here anymore.  This blog, I mean.  I am well: still sober, still writing, very happy.  As far as human beings go.

I came, today, looking for a sentence I remembered writing.  I have not found it.  I don’t know if I wrote it, after all, or if that is simply a dream I mistook for a memory.

I was surprised: it looks so familiar, and so completely forgotten.  It looks yellowed and frail.

And I was surprised, further: people are reading it.  I haven’t written in a year or more, and people are finding it somehow.  Finding it, still.

Dear reader I am touched, wondering who and where you are.  What still active lives you lead, and what you are working through that brought you to these washed up pages.

Strange, world.

Perhaps, dear reader, I will some day come back here.  We will converse.  We will galavant.

I do not come here, now.

It isn’t the same, it’s a website for my yoga studio, but you are all welcome, there: returnyoga.org

a little soul, pestered. April 11

I sometimes feel like a muttering idiot.  I cannot much tell the difference between what I am saying, doing, and what is typically called madness.  There are days the difficulty is so big I can’t even form the questions. What does Kansas City have to do with pilgrimage, I mean.  This is a ridiculous thing, […]

Generation, daily reflection April 11

Generation: because the act of writing about my alcoholism turns out to be the act of writing about my father’s alcoholism, and recovery from my addiction is actually a recovery from his. They say that.  That alcoholism is a family disease.  Give or take genetic tendencies, we are who we are because we are what […]

90 days, april 10

Looking back, I think I’d begun the process of the fourth step from the first few days.  Like my life was all contained in a one big box, and I took it in my hands, flipped it over so everything fell on the floor, and said here’s nothing.  What dust is kicked up.  What shattering […]